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 Upcoming Shows 2014

Apr 26   Fundraiser, The Roundhouse, Beardstown 12:30pm

May 3  Elks Club-Reverse Raffle Dinner 6:30-10pm

May 4  (Sunday) Hill Prairie Winery, Oakford 2-5

May 8  (Thursday) Dr. Ugs, Virginia, w/Donnie Hinkle 7-9pm

May 24  Gertie's Tap, Beardstown 8-12pm

June 1   Evandy's Boatel, Naples IL 2-6pm on the patio

June 6   The Eagles Club, Springfield, IL 7-10

June 7  Crazy Horse Campground, Literberry, IL 7-10

June 21  Kuhl Tyme Korner, Jacksonville 9-1

July 6  88 Bar & Grill, Beardstown around 2-5

Aug 16  Crazy Horse Campground, Literberry, IL 7-10

Aug 23  Chandlerville Burgoo Noon-3pm

Nov 23  (Sunday) Hill Prairie Winery, Oakford 2-5

Dec 6  Beardstown Elks (private party) 6:30-10pm




  John Thurman

  Rick "Dick Tater" Dennis

  Roger "Chainsaw" Ward

   Pete Vredenburgh





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Poor Side Of Town

(Johnny Rivers cover)

Fast As You
(Dwight Yoakum cover)

Angel Flying Too Close

(Willie Nelson cover)

Ob La Di, Ob La Da

(Beatle cover)

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(of the trio 2005-2010)

ry, 20




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